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Hello. Looks like very little interest in present stuff on my site, so time to clean house and try new stuff. I think I'll try to pick up where I left off on an inflatable camera tower design and also the wood splitter with safety features. The rest goes, except two jokey items.

I've been thinking lately that developing new products or new designs for old products always comes down to the need to sell, to convince people that they should buy or adopt something new. And that is like a lottery ticket, very few winners and no way to predict which will win. So I see an advantage in getting around the need to sell a new thing. Develop improved ways of producing an accepted thing, or a commodity. The easiest thing to sell is a commodity, isn't it?

So maybe I'll make a list of possible standard old products or services that can be made or provided by "behind the scenes" processes. My method can be weird or Rube Goldberg, but if nobody sees it, just sees the result, I don't have to go hat in hand to people, trying to talk them into buying a new thing.

lobster traps
bee hive boxes
elevated photographs

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footer: The DIY Experimenter

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